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Wireless sensors have started being utilized for process monitoring in factory environments, which are typically harsh for low-power wireless communication due to their complicated layout and plentiful stationary/moving obstacles. Sensor radios available so far have been engineered for consumer-grade applications, featuring low cost, low power, and minimal(More)
The treatment of alcoholism requires the proper management of ethanol withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, to prevent further alcohol use and abuse. In this study, we investigated the potential role of brain chromatin remodeling, caused by histone modifications, in alcoholism. We found that the anxiolytic effects produced by acute alcohol were associated(More)
Medium access control (MAC) protocols for wireless sensor networks face many challenges, including energy-efficient operation and robust support for varying traffic loads, in spite of effects such as wireless interference or even possible wireless jamming attacks. This paper presents the design and evaluation of the <i>EM-MAC (Efficient Multichannel(More)
Blogging becomes a popular way for a Web user to publish information on the Web. Bloggers write blog posts, share their likes and dislikes, voice their opinions, provide suggestions, report news, and form groups in Blogosphere. Bloggers form their virtual communities of similar interests. Activities happened in Blogosphere affect the external world. One way(More)
Multi-label problems arise in various domains such as multi-topic document categorization, protein function prediction, and automatic image annotation. One natural way to deal with such problems is to construct a binary classifier for each label, resulting in a set of independent binary classification problems. Since multiple labels share the same input(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether changes in apparent diffusion coefficients (ADCs) of rectal carcinoma obtained 1 week after the beginning of chemotherapy and radiation therapy (CRT) correlate with tumor histopathologic downstaging after preoperative CRT. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective study was approved by an institutional review board; informed(More)
We have determined the levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in different stages of the lymphatic filarial nematode parasite of man, Brugia malayi. Adult male worm extracts showed the highest levels of enzyme activity at 34.5 U mg-1, and there was no significant difference in the overall levels of SOD in extracts of adult female worms and microfilariae (27.1(More)