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Construction of expressway emergency rescue information management system using Browser/Server framework
An expressway emergency rescue information management system (EERIMS) using Browser/Server framework is developed and indicates that it can improve processing and analysis capabilities of theEmergency rescue information, enhance communication and sharing between departments and reduce the burden of managers. Expand
Performance and structure optimization for a new type of vertical axis wind turbine
Wind energy is a renewable energy without pollution in the nature world. Researchers dedicate to improve wind energy utilization of vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT). A new type of wind rotor namedExpand
Simulation analysis based performance comparison for vertical axis wind turbines
Traditional Savonius wind turbine has advantages such as simple structure, fast start-up, etc., however, it also has significant disadvantages of low wind energy utilization efficiency. A novel windExpand
Research and development of a simple straight-flow wind tunnel test equipment for vertical axis wind turbines
As a renewable energy, wind energy has attracted great attention all over the world. To study the aerodynamic performance of new vertical axis wind energy conversion systems, a type of simpleExpand
Development of vertical axial wind turbine driven by three hastate windmill and permanent magnet generator
Wind energy is a clear, safe and renewable green energy resource. Because it can be supplied inexhaustibly and always be used availably, it is exploited by countries all over the world and hasExpand
Experimental research on performance of vertical-axis three-hastate wind wheel
The utilisation of wind energy draws on the rediscovery of a long tradition of wind power technology to vertical-axis wind turbine generation system. A three-hastate wind wheel for vertical-axis windExpand
Research and application on the frequency automatic tracking of ultrasonic power based on DSP
In this paper, a new type of intelligent high-power ultrasonic power supply based on Digital Signal Processor (DSP) has been developed. According to the characteristic of ultrasonic power supply, theExpand
Control Change Cause Analysis-Based Bayesian Network Modeling for System Risk Assessment
3CA is used to identify the substances and causal relationships among different nodes in a new four-layer BN model, including cause, change, ineffective control, and risk layers, and can be used in various complex systems to perform their risk assessment conveniently and successfully. Expand
Mathematical Safety Assessment Approaches for Thermal Power Plants
How to use system analysis methods to identify the hazards in the industrialized process, working environment, and production management for complex industrial processes, such as thermal powerExpand
Power efficiency of outer-rotor permanent magnet wind generator
A simplified computational method for generator design is proposed in this paper, and an experimental device is made to check out the usability of the proposed method. Expand