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Information extracted from social media streams has been leveraged to forecast the outcome of a large number of real-world events, from political elections to stock market fluctuations. An increasing amount of studies demonstrates how the analysis of social media conversations provides cheap access to the wisdom of the crowd. However, extents and contexts(More)
A variety of representation learning approaches have been investigated for reinforcement learning; much less attention, however, has been given to investigating the utility of sparse coding. Outside of reinforcement learning, sparse coding representations have been widely used, with non-convex objectives that result in discriminative representations. In(More)
Cross-polar measurements made with an agile-beam phased-array weather radar are compared with theory. The intensity of cross-polar fields places conditions on the accuracy of meteorological measurements. Results reported herein support the hypothesis that polarimetric phased-array radar for weather observations can be designed to allow the use of the(More)
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