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Petal effect: a superhydrophobic state with high adhesive force.
Artificial fabrication of biomimic polymer films, with well-defined nanoembossed structures obtained by duplicating the petal's surface, indicates that the superhydrophobic surface and the adhesive petal are in Cassie impregnating wetting state. Expand
Bioinspired surfaces with special wettability.
Recent progress in wettability on functional surfaces is reviewed through the cooperation between the chemical composition and the surface micro- and nanostructures, which may bring great advantages in a wide variety of applications in daily life, industry, and agriculture. Expand
Two-dimensional graphene bridges enhanced photoinduced charge transport in dye-sensitized solar cells.
Graphene was introduced as 2D bridges into the nanocrystalline electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells, which brought a faster electron transport and a lower recombination, together with a higher light scattering, and the short-circuit current density was increased and the total conversion efficiency was increased. Expand
Super-hydrophobic surfaces: From natural to artificial
Super-hydrophobic surfaces, with a water contact angle (CA) greater than 150degreesC, have attracted much interest for both fundamental research and practical applications. Recent studies on lotusExpand
Definition of Superhydrophobic States
A multi-structural and multi-functional integrated fog collection system in cactus
This unique system is composed of well-distributed clusters of conical spines and trichomes on the cactus stem; each spine contains three integrated parts that have different roles in the fog collection process according to their surface structural features. Expand
Directional water collection on wetted spider silk
Artificial fibres are designed that mimic the structural features of silk and exhibit its directional water-collecting ability by tapping into both driving forces. Expand
Applications of bio-inspired special wettable surfaces.
This review will present how the bio-inspired wettability has been integrated into traditional materials or devices to improve their performances and to extend their practical applications by developing new functionalities. Expand