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Robust and fast similarity search for moving object trajectories
Analysis and comparison of EDR with other popular distance functions, such as Euclidean distance, Dynamic Time Warping (DTW), Edit distance with Real Penalty (ERP), and Longest Common Subsequences, indicate that EDR is more robust than Euclideans distance, DTW and ERP, and it is on average 50% more accurate than LCSS. Expand
On The Marriage of Lp-norms and Edit Distance
A new distance function, which is a marriage of L1- norm and the edit distance, ERP, which can support local time shifting, and is a metric, and dominates all existing strategies. Expand
Employment Protection Legislation, Adjustment Costs and Cross-Country Differences in Cost Behavior
Central to the economic theory of sticky costs is the proposition that managers consider adjustment costs when changing resource levels. We test this proposition using employment protectionExpand
K-Automorphism: A General Framework For Privacy Preserving Network Publication
This paper proposes k-automorphism to protect against multiple structural attacks and develops an algorithm (called KM) that ensures k-Automorphism and discusses an extension of KM to handle "dynamic" releases of the data. Expand
Degradation of phenanthrene and pyrene in spiked soils by single and combined plants cultivation.
The results suggest that phytoremediation could be a feasible choice for PAHs contaminated soil and the combined plant cultivation has potential to enhance the process. Expand
Whom to Ask? Jury Selection for Decision Making Tasks on Micro-blog Services
This paper study the Jury Selection Problem (JSP) by utilizing crowdsourcing for decision making tasks on micro-blog services, and proves the monotonicity of JER on individual error rate and proposes an efficient exact algorithm for JSP. Expand
gStore: Answering SPARQL Queries via Subgraph Matching
This paper proposes a graph-based approach to store and query RDF data, which can answer exact SPARQL queries and queries with wildcards in a uniform manner, and proposes an effective maintenance algorithm to handle online updates over RDF repositories. Expand
Indexable PLA for Efficient Similarity Search
A novel distance function in the reduced PLA-space is proposed, and it is proved that this function indeed results in a lower bound of the Euclidean distance between the original time series, which can lead to no false dismissals during the similarity search. Expand
Monochromatic and bichromatic reverse skyline search over uncertain databases
This paper model the probabilistic reverse skyline query on uncertain data, in both monochromatic and bichromatic cases, and propose effective pruning methods to reduce the search space of query processing. Expand
Protecting Sensitive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization
A k-degree-l-diversity anonymity model that considers the protection of structural information as well as sensitive labels of individuals is defined and a novel anonymization methodology based on adding noise nodes is proposed. Expand