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This paper presents a large-scale modeling study characterizing fluid flow and tracer transport in the unsaturated zone of Yucca Mountain, Nevada, a potential repository site for storing high-level radioactive waste. The study has been conducted using a three-dimensional numerical model, which incorporates a wide variety of field data and takes into account(More)
We have developed T2Well, a numerical simulator for nonisothermal, multiphase, multicomponent flows in integrated wellbore-reservoir systems. The new model extends the existing numerical reservoir simulator TOUGH2 to calculate the flow in both the wellbore and the reservoir simultaneously and efficiently, by introducing a special wellbore subdomain into the(More)
[1] This work presents a series of numerical modeling studies that investigate the hydrogeologic conditions required to form capillary barriers and the effect that capillary barriers have on fluid flow and tracer transport processes in the unsaturated fractured rock of Yucca Mountain, Nevada, a potential site for storing high-level radioactive waste. The(More)
Radioactive iodide (125I) is used as a tracer to investigate the fate and transport of iodine in soil under various leaching conditions as well as the dynamic transfer in a soil-plant (Chinese cabbage) system. Results show that both soils (the paddy soil and the sandy soil) exhibit strong retention capability, with the paddy soil being slightly stronger.(More)
A physically based numerical approach is presented for modeling fracture–matrix interaction, which is a key issue for fractured reservoir simulation. Commonly used mathematical models for dealing with such interactions employ a dualor multiple-continuum concept, in which fractures and matrix are represented as overlapping, different, but interconnected(More)
[1] We tested the ability of eddy covariance (EC) to detect, locate, and quantify surface CO2 flux leakage signals within a background ecosystem. For 10 days starting on 9 July 2007, and for 7 days starting on 3 August 2007, 0.1 (Release 1) and 0.3 (Release 2) t CO2 d , respectively, were released from a horizontal well 100 m in length and 2.5 m in depth(More)
[1] This paper presents a class of analytical solutions for transient flow into unsaturated rock matrix. These analytical solutions are derived using specially correlated, physically meaningful relative permeability and capillary functions. The transient flow processes in unsaturated rock matrix blocks are generally described by the Richards’ equation. The(More)
Problems involving capillary barriers along sloping, layered unsaturated soils were first addressed by ZaslavThis study presents a systematic approach to analyze the flow sky and Sinai (1981a, 1981b). In the last few decades, diversion and flow focusing caused by the natural flow-barrier system several quantitative analyses of lateral water flow in in the(More)
[1] This paper presents analytical solutions for one-dimensional radial transient flow through a horizontal, unsaturated fractured rock formation. In these solutions, unsaturated flow through fractured media is described by a linearized Richards’ equation, while fracture-matrix interaction is handled using the dual-continuum concept. Although linearizing(More)
Iodine, as one of the essential trace elements for human body, is very important for the proper function of thyroid gland. In some regions, people are still suffering from iodine deficiency disorder (IDD). How to provide an effective and cost-efficient iodine supplementation has been a public health issue for many countries. In this review, a novel iodine(More)