Legrand Vincent

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Fatigue can be a prevalent and serious problem for the individual with cancer and can negatively impact on the individual's quality of life. Little is known about the prevalence of clinical fatigue among patients with cancer and how the fatigue cancer patient's experience compares with the fatigue people experience as a function of their normal daily(More)
Fatigue is a common complaint of individuals receiving treatment for cancer. There is a dearth of rigorous research investigating the clinical course and prognosis of fatigue over the course of radiation therapy. Seventy six patients with breast cancer receiving external radiation therapy were followed longitudinally from the onset of treatment to 6 months(More)
Fatigue is a commonly experienced symptom, which may be a component of virtually any disease and can have a psychological, physical, or mixed origin. Nurses need to understand the onset, duration, and progression of fatigue to intervene successfully with the cancer patient adapting to diagnosis and treatment. While the literature is an important source of(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of an education intervention on nurses' knowledge, attitudes, and practice in pain assessment and management over 3 months. The education intervention program was designed to change knowledge and influence the attitudes of registered nurses through a values clarification process using a conceptual(More)
In order to determine which strategies are most effective in relieving fatigue of women undergoing treatment for cancer, women receiving either chemotherapy (n = 45) or radiation therapy (n = 54) were interviewed twice to determine their level of fatigue and the effectiveness of the strategies they used to relieve their fatigue. The subjects were(More)
While the value of student peer-assessment (SPA) is now largely acknowledged, it can be problematic for teachers to implement such a method in large groups and to ensure that students accept and benefit from it. This Working Paper focuses on this issue learning from the experience of implementing SPA with first year bachelor students following an(More)
Work redesign and re-engineering have become the buzzwords of the 1990s as all sectors of the health care arena struggle to meet the demands of patient care while coping with increasing fiscal constraint. Redesign and re-engineering are terms that describe a wide range of strategies in health care and radically different models of care delivery. These new(More)
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