Legand L. Burge

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Mobile computing devices have become increasingly prevalent as professionals discover the benefits of having their electronic work/data available at all times. Although mobile computing offers these benefits, there are still risks in terms of data reliability and dependability in the event of a device related failure. Often, failure of mobile computing(More)
Information collection in the disaster area is an important application of pigeon networks—a special type of delay tolerant networks (DTNs) that borrows the ancient idea of using pigeons as the telecommunication method. The aim of this paper is to explore highly efficient scheduling strategies of pigeons for such applications. The upper bound of traffic(More)
JMAS is a prototype network computing infrastructure based on mobile actors 10 using Java t e c hnology. JMAS requires a programming style diierent from commonly used approaches to distributed computing. JMAS allows a programmer to create mobile actors, initialize their behaviors, and send them messages using constructs provided by the JMAS Mobile Actor(More)
Motivation: Contact map is a key factor to represent a specific protein structure. As previous work reported, even a corrupted contact map can be used to reconstruct its corresponding protein structure. Thus we can predict the structure of a protein partially through the contact map prediction. To simplify the protein contact map prediction, we predict the(More)