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Tissue functions and mechanical coupling of cells must be integrated throughout development. A striking example of this coupling is the interactions of body wall muscle and hypodermal cells in Caenorhabditis elegans. These tissues are intimately associated in development and their interactions generate structures that provide a continuous mechanical link to(More)
We report the complete DNA sequence of the Euglena gracilis, Pringsheim strain Z chloroplast genome. This circular DNA is 143,170 bp, counting only one copy of a 54 bp tandem repeat sequence that is present in variable copy number within a single culture. The overall organization of the genome involves a tandem array of three complete and one partial(More)
Studies of the phylogeny and chloroplast intron content of selected Euglena species have led to insights in our understanding of the timing of intron acquisition. In the current study, two new twintrons, found in E. gracilis, have been characterized by the analysis of partially spliced pre-mRNAs. Intron 1 of atpE is a 463-nt group-II intron interrupted by a(More)
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