Leena Puustjärvi

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The technology developed for interoperable autonomous systems has significantly changed during the past few years. In particular, XML is rapidly becoming the key standard for data representation and transportation. However, the introduction of XML is not enough but many other XML-based technologies have to be deployed in order to achieve a seamless(More)
Thet echnologyd eveloped fori nteroperable autonomouss ystems has significantly changed duringt he past few years. However, this new technology based on Semantic Webisnot yetdeployed in electronicprescriptions systems. On theo ther hand, duringt he pastf ew yearss everalo rganizationsi nt he healthcare sectorh ave produced standards andr epresentationf(More)
Patient-centred healthcare subscribes to the belief that the patient has strengths, values and experiences that are important in the healthcare experience and relationship between those providing care and the patient. It requires patients to have the ability to obtain and understand health information, and make appropriate health decisions. The main problem(More)
The role of competence management in pharmacy is increasing all the time as healthcare is a field where the fast development of drug treatment and the introduction of new drugs require specialized skills and knowledge that need to be renewed frequently. However, there are two obstacles for the widespread adoption of computer aided competence management in(More)
The role of continuing education and lifelong learning is becoming still more important as the fast development of technologies requires specialized skills that need to be renewed frequently. eLearning adopts well for continued education as it can be done in parallel to other work. However, in the context of continuing professional education building a(More)