Leena Maria Johansson

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AIMS To analyse whether there is an association between sex and poor self-reported health (SRH) and psychological distress in Kurdish immigrants. METHODS This cross-sectional study is based on a sample consisting of immigrants, aged 27- 60 years, with self-reported Kurdish ethnicity (n=111, men; n=86, women) in Sweden originating from Iran and Turkey. It(More)
This study explores the association between ethnicity and poor self-reported health and psychological distress, sleeping difficulties, and use of psychotropic drugs among immigrant Kurdish men and native Swedish men, based on data from the first Swedish National Survey of Immigrants and the Swedish Level-of-Living Surveys collected in 1996 by Statistics(More)
The aim of this follow-up study, based on individual data, was to analyse the influence of ethnicity and other demographic and social factors on suicide rates between 1986 and 1989 for the Swedish population according to the 1985 census. The data were analysed by sex and age using a Poisson regression model. During the study period there were 8,310 cases of(More)
BACKGROUND Individual-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is in short supply and expensive. AIMS The aim of this randomised controlled trial (RCT) was to compare mindfulness-based group therapy with treatment as usual (primarily individual-based CBT) in primary care patients with depressive, anxiety or stress and adjustment disorders. METHOD This(More)
The aim of this study was to examine whether the hypothesized association between country of birth and suicide rates remains after adjustment for age, marital status, socioeconomic status, and hospitalization due to psychiatric disorders or substance abuse. A Swedish cohort of 4.4 million individuals aged 25-64 years was followed from January 1, 1994, to(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have investigated mental health among second-generation immigrants who have reached adulthood. The aim of this study was to examine whether second-generation adult immigrants have a higher risk of being hospitalised for mental disorders than the Swedish majority population after adjustment for socio-economic status. METHODS In total(More)
Acculturation is defined as cultural changes and consequences of long contact between two different cultural groups. A total of 10 Kurdish men, aged from 24 to 60 years, were interviewed face-to-face to explore the acculturation pattern reported by them through their individual life stories during the whole migration process. The analysis was based on the(More)
BACKGROUND The migration process may impose stress on the mental health of immigrants. AIM To describe the experiences of immigrant men of Kurdish ethnicity during and after migration to Sweden with regard to mental health issues. METHOD Using the grounded theory method, we conducted a focus group interview with four Kurdish men and in-depth individual(More)
permissions Reprints/ permissions@rcpsych.ac.uk write to To obtain reprints or permission to reproduce material from this paper, please P<P Published online 2014-11-27T00:05:18-08:00 in advance of the print journal. to this article at You can respond http://bjp.rcpsych.org/letters/submit/bjprcpsych;bjp.bp.114.150243v1 from Downloaded The Royal College of(More)
It has been shown that the risk of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in patients with severe trauma is higher among females than among males. However, it is less well known whether there is a gender difference in acute psychological reactions after trauma among patients with less severe injuries. The aim of this study was to investigate whether female(More)
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