Leena Korpinen

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This investigation studied the current densities in the neck and total contact currents in occupational exposure at 400 kV substations and power lines. Eight voluntary workers simulated their normal work tasks using the helmet-mask measuring system. In all, 151 work tasks with induced current measurements were made. Work situations were: tasks in 400 kV(More)
This investigation studied the effects of 50 Hz electric and magnetic fields on the pulse rate of the human heart. The ECG (electrocardiograms) of 41 male volunteers were recorded with a Holter recorder. Twenty-six subjects were measured in and outside real fields, and 15 subjects were measured in and outside "sham" fields. The blood pressure and EEG(More)
The main aim of this study was to investigate occupational exposure to electric fields, and current densities and contact currents associated with tasks at air-insulated 110 kV substations and analyze if the action value of EU Directive 2004/40/EC was exceeded. Four workers volunteered to simulate the following tasks: Task (A) maintenance of an operating(More)
Epilepsy Expert is a decision support system based on the International Classification of Epilepsies and Epileptic Syndromes (1989). The aim of this study was to evaluate the Epilepsy Expert. First the diagnostic performance was validated. This was done in 3 stages: collection of the patient cases, determination of the 'correct diagnoses' and testing the(More)
Sleep Expert--a medical decision support system--is a prototype program, with knowledge based on the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (1990). The goal of this project was to evaluate Sleep Expert. In the evaluation project the knowledge of the program was first validated. Three physicians, experts in sleep disorders, were asked to choose 10(More)
  • L Korpinen
  • 1993
The main objective of the study was first to develop two prototypes of decision support systems for epilepsy and sleep disorder diagnostics. The second goal was to examine medical decision-making with the help of these program examples and further to assess what requirements should be set to decision support systems for them to find their place in clinical(More)
The aim of this paper was to present how mental symptoms are connected to the use of desktop, portable or minicomputers (communicators and hand-held computers), mobile phones, and background information such as age and gender in the Finnish working-age population. The study was carried out as a cross-sectional study by posting a questionnaire to 15 000(More)
The occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields during various work tasks at seven 110 kV substations in Finland's Tampere region was studied. The aim was to investigate if the action values (10 kV/m for the E-field and 500 microT for the B-field) of the EU Directive 2004/40/EC were exceeded. Electric and magnetic fields were measured during the(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the occupational exposure to electric fields, average current densities, and average total contact currents at 400 kV substation tasks from different service platforms (main transformer inspection, maintenance of operating device of disconnector, maintenance of operating device of circuit breaker). The average values(More)