Leena J. Ahonen

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BACKGROUND In mitosis, a mechanochemical system recognizes tension that is generated by bipolar microtubule attachment to sister kinetochores. This is translated into multiple outputs including the stabilization of microtubule attachments, changes in kinetochore protein dynamics, and the silencing of the spindle checkpoint. How kinetochores sense tension(More)
The inhibitor of apoptosis protein survivin is implicated in two key biological events: in the control of cell proliferation and in the regulation of cell lifespan. Although the details of mitotic roles of survivin are unclear, the protein appears to modulate microtubule function and might participate in regulating the spindle checkpoint. Survivin(More)
Survival of Mycobacterium bovis after ingestion by protozoa would provide an environmental reservoir for infection of cattle. We have shown that M. bovis survived ingestion by Acanthamoeba castellanii. In contrast, two strains of M. bovis BCG did not survive well within Acanthamoeba.
Incenp is an essential mitotic protein that, together with Aurora B, Survivin, and Borealin, forms the core of the chromosomal passenger protein complex (CPC). The CPC regulates various mitotic processes and functions to maintain genomic stability. The proper subcellular localization of the CPC and its full catalytic activity require the presence of each(More)
Genomic stability depends on the normal function of the kinetochore, a multi-protein assemblage, which consists of over 80 molecules including both constitutive and transiently binding components. Information regarding the spatial-temporal assembly of kinetochore subcomplexes is often limited by technical difficulties in their isolation. To study(More)
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