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BACKGROUND To obtain more detailed understanding of the causes of disturbance of the vaginal microflora (VMF), a longitudinal study was carried out for 17 women during two menstrual cycles. METHODS Vaginal swabs were obtained daily from 17 non-pregnant, menarchal volunteers. For each woman, Gram stains were scored, the quantitative changes of 5 key(More)
BACKGROUND Determination of HIV-1 co-receptor use is a necessity before initiation of a CCR5 antagonist but the longevity of a CCR5-use prediction remains unknown. METHODS Genotypic co-receptor tropism determination was performed in 225 newly diagnosed individuals consulting an AIDS Reference Centre. Samples were collected at diagnosis and at initiation(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of highly sensitive HIV-1 viral load assays with a lower quantification limit of 20 copies/ml uncovered that in a number of patients on ART, the viral load systematically fluctuates around or slightly above the detection limit of the assays. This study aimed to analyse the presence or occurrence of drug resistance mutations in(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify host and viral characteristics associated with long-term persisting low-level viraemia (PLLV) under antiretroviral therapy (ART). PATIENTS AND METHODS Seventy-one ART-treated patients with long-term PLLV (20-250 copies/mL) and 102 control patients with systematically undetectable viral load (VL) were selected retrospectively from(More)
HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy (ART) may present low-level viremia (LLV) above the detection level of current viral load assays. In many cases LLV is persistent but does not result in overt treatment failure or selection of drug resistant viral variants. To elucidate whether LLV reflects active virus replication, we extensively sequenced(More)
BACKGROUND Pre-analytical sample processing is often overlooked as a potential cause of inaccurate assay results. Here we demonstrate how plasma, extracted from standard EDTA- containing blood collection tubes, may contain traces of blood cells consequently resulting in a false low-level HIV-1 viral load when using Roche Cobas HIV-1 assays. METHODS The(More)
Deep sequencing of plasma RNA or proviral DNA may be an interesting alternative to population sequencing for the detection of baseline transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance. Using a Roche 454 GS Junior HIV-1 prototype kit, we performed deep sequencing of the HIV-1 protease and reverse transcriptase genes on paired plasma and buffy coat samples from newly(More)
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