Leen Hordijk

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Despite recent efforts to limit the growth of SO(2) emissions in Asia, the negative environmental effects of sulphur emissions are likely to further increase in the future. This paper presents an extension of the RAINS-Asia integrated assessment model for acidification in Asia with an optimisation routine that can be used to identify cost-effective emission(More)
In experimental studies we have compared the effect of positive and negative labelling on choice of ecological products. By and large, the effect of negative labels is stronger than the effect of positive labels. People avoid products that are worse than average when it comes to environmental consequences rather than choosing products that are better than(More)
This article focuses on the science–policy interaction in international negotiations in the context of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Convention for Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). It addresses the question how participants in the assessment process divide and co-ordinate work between science and policy and how this(More)
This study describes a model (MIKADO) to analyse options to reduce the environmental impact of aluminium die casting. This model will take a company perspective, so that it can be used as a decision-support tool for the environmental management of a plant. MIKADO can be used to perform scenario analyses to analyse the impact on the environment of different(More)
Soil remediation has only a short history but the problem addressed is a significant one. Cost estimates for the clean-up of contaminated sites in the European Union and the United States are in the order of magnitude of 1,400 billion ECU. Such an enormous operation deserves the best management it can get. Reliable cost estimations per contaminated site are(More)
This paper reports on the deliberations of a working group that met during the 1998 Global Environmental Assessment and Public Policy Workshop held in Bar Harbor, Maine in June 1998. The discussions focussed on the characteristics of particular institutions and their role in influencing the assessment process and the outcomes of assessment; the extent of(More)
A history of IIASA through the decades, narrated with extracts from past options articles options 35 years of iiasa anniversary issue editorial options + Anniversary Issue: 35 Years of IIASA As I begAn leafing through back copies of IIASA's journal Options, first published in 1977, I was struck by the pioneering spirit not just of those who laid the(More)