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Converting deciduous forests to coniferous plantations and vice versa causes environmental changes, but till now insight into the overall effect is lacking. This review, based on 38 case studies, aims to find out how coniferous and deciduous forests differ in terms of throughfall (+stemflow) deposition and seepage flux to groundwater. From the comparison of(More)
This paper compares different vegetation types (coniferous and deciduous forest, grassed and pure heathland) in terms of input (throughfall deposition) and output (seepage flux) in a region with intermediate nitrogen load (+/-20kg Nha(-1)y(-1) via bulk precipitation) in comparable conditions in north Belgium. Coniferous forest (two plots Pinus sylvestris(More)
This study examined the influence of distance to the forest edge, forest type, and time on Cl-, SO4(2-), NO3(-), and NH4+ throughfall deposition in forest edges. The forests were dominated by pedunculate oak, silver birch, or Corsican/Austrian pine, and were situated in two regions of Flanders (Belgium). Along transects, throughfall deposition was monitored(More)
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