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Between January 1970 and December 1985, 76 patients (76 fractures) underwent internal fixation for tibial-plateau fractures as recommended by the AO-group (14). Fifty patients were available for follow-up. The long term results of this retrospective study are reported. Subjective results were satisfying. Forty-four percent of the patients were painfree and(More)
This prospective study reviews the behaviour of a cementless conical screw cup in total hip revision surgery with or without the use of bone grafts to reconstruct acetabular bone stock. Clinical and radiologic results are given. For proper radiographic interpretation a new classification system is suggested, based on histologic features, the principles of(More)
Two girls, 15- and 17-year old, were consecutively and involuntarily admitted to the local child and adolescent psychiatric hospital with severe first onset psychosis. Due to refractory agitation, ongoing psychosis and insomnia, catatonic features, autonomic instability and the need for one-on-one guidance, the first girl was transferred to the PICU of an(More)
Despite modern treatments of tibial fractures, we still have nonunions. In case of failure we used a method of treatment which has become less popular over the last decades. A rectangular inlay graft is harvested from the anteromedial tibial surface. The graft, measuring about 12 to 15 cm long, is placed over the nonunion with 2/3 of its length on one side(More)