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A community-based study was carried out to assess the prevalence of reproductive tract infections (RTIs) among ever married rural women aged 15 -45 years at village Naila during 2002. Six hundred houses were surveyed and all the eligible women residing in these houses were interviewed by MPWs and Interns and were offered medical examinations at rural health(More)
The community structure of the Mota-Magra forest block (24°35′N L and 75 49′E L), 14 km east of Udaipur town is described. The area supports forest of mixed dry deciduous nature in which Boswellia serrata, Lannea coromandelica and various species of Acacia are dominant tree species. The protected stand has been found to be richer in respect of tree density(More)
BACKGROUND Macrolide (MLS B ) resistance is the most widespread and clinically important mechanism of resistance encountered with Gram-positive organisms. Resistance may be constitutive (cMLS B phenotype) or inducible (iMLS B phenotype). The iMLS B phenotypes are not differentiated by using standard susceptibility test methods, but can be distinguished by(More)
PURPOSE To find prevalence of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from patients attending SMS Medical College, Jaipur during 1997-99. METHODS Sputum samples from 164 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were processed and cultured on Lowenstein Jensen medium and M. tuberculosis isolates were tested for drug sensitivity. RESULTS M.(More)
Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) as well as Non-tubercular mycobacterium (NTM) with similar clinical presentation. Infections due to NTM are reported to have increased in the past few years. Growth of M.tb is inhibited by p-Nitrobenzoic acid (PNB), whereas, NTM are resistant. One hundred and nine isolates from various clinical(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Pyrazinamide is an important front line antimycobacterial drug, which is also being used in the treatment of multi drug resistant tuberculosis along with second line drugs in DOTS plus programme. Conventional testing of pyrazinamide on solid medium is difficult as it is active at acidic pH. Therefore, there is a need for a rapid and(More)
BACKGROUND In developing countries like ours with a large number of tuberculosis (TB) cases and limited resources, the diagnosis of TB relies primarily on smear microscopy for Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) but its sensitivity is limited in paucibacillary cases. AIM To evaluate the increase in efficacy of smear microscopy when smears are prepared from clinical(More)
Objective: Rapid diagnosis of genital tuberculosis (GTB) is essential as it is an important cause of infertility among women. Diagnosis can be done by imaging techniques, direct visualization by endoscopy, serology, histopathology, culture and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Laparoscopy detects macroscopic changes only; histology is only suggestive(More)
The present communication reports plant biomass and net production ofButea monosperma. The area of study, Borimalan forest block in Prasad range is 54 km south of Udaipur town (24°11′N and 73°42′E). From the present study it is concluded that: 1. A clear positive correlation between number of growth rings of bole and branches with their CBH (circumference(More)
BACKGROUND The study was conducted to analyze previous six-year prevalence data of HIV infection in the Northwest region of India and predict future trends for a couple of years. OBJECTIVES The study was conducted to aid SACS and NACO to plan and arrange resources for the future scenario. MATERIALS AND METHODS All the attendees of ICTC, Jaipur, from(More)