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The Politics of Forgetting: Class Politics, State Power and the Restructuring of Urban Space in India
Policies of economic liberalisation have been accompanied by discourses on the rise of the new middle class in India. The newness of this Indian middle class is marked by changing consumptionExpand
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Transforming Feminist Practice: Non-Violence, Social Justice and the Possibilities of a Spiritualized Feminism
Leela Fernandes' years of teaching women studies courses at Rutgers-where she has seen frustration, paralysis and depression take hold of young Fortunately the grounds that individual coops butExpand
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Nationalizing `the global': media images, cultural politics and the middle class in India
The article intervenes in the debate over the effects of globalization on the nation-state by exploring the ways in which meanings of the global are produced through the nationalist imagination inExpand
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ABSTRACT This article uses an analysis of the rise of India's New Middle Class (NMC) to develop a class analytics of democratic politics in India. The article locates the politics of India'sExpand
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Transnational feminism in the United States : knowledge, ethics, and power
1. Introduction2. U.S. State Practices and the Rhetoric of Human Rights3. Transnational Economies of Representation and the Labor of the Traveling Subaltern4. Regimes of Visibility and TransnationalExpand
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Producing Workers: The Politics of Gender, Class, and Culture in the Calcutta Jute Mills
As the politicization of cultural identities-based on religion, ethnicity, gender, race-has come to play a central role in shaping relations between and among peoples, issues of difference raiseExpand
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The Political Economy of Lifestyle: Consumption, India’s New Middle Class and State-Led Development
This essay analyzes the political economy of lifestyle that frames middle class consumption in post-liberalization India. The essay argues that the new middle class in India is part of a state-ledExpand
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