Leeat Ramati

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<i>Digital Preservation</i> deals with ensuring that digital data stored today can be read <i>and interpreted</i> tens or hundreds of years from now. At the heart of any solution to the preservation problem lies a storage component. This paper characterizes the requirements for such a component, defines its desirable properties and presents the need for(More)
ion levels to existing OSD commands. In PDS, both OSD and its HL API are executed in a separate process from the upper layers. The XAM layer communicates with the HL-OSD interface via RPC. XAM session execution model A XAM storage system contains one or more XSystems, where each XSystem is a logical container of XSet records. An XSet, the basic artifact in(More)
The volumes of digital infonnation are growing continuously and most of today's information is "born digital". Alongside this trend, business, scientific, artistic and cultural needs require much of this information to be kept for decades, centuries or longer. The convergence of these two trends implies the need for storage systems that support very long(More)
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