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South Korean Economic Miracle and Its Reflections in Los Angeles Times and New York Times, 1975-1979
The major characteristics of South Korea’s economy had been set up during 1970s. The legacy of South Korea’s economic development model was created during the last half of 1970s. The export-orientedExpand
American Image of President Park Chung-hee of the Republic of Korea: Park Chung-hee’s Death and American Newspapers
South Korea’s President Park Chung-hee was still a controversial figure in Korean history. He was a man who achieved the economic miracle of South Korea while adopting repressive measures to suspendExpand
American Views on South Korea’s Economic Development in Los Angeles Times and New York Times, 1970-1974
The first half of 1970s was one of the crucial periods to understand the South Korea’s economic success. South Korea achieved great economic success as President Park Chung-hee concentrated hisExpand
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