Lee-Yin Chen

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A simple closed-form expression for the dielectric nonlinearity in thin-film high-permittivity barium strontium titanate (BST) devices is obtained from a third-order power-series expansion for the field-polarization relation. The expression is parameterized in terms of easily measurable quantities of zero-field capacitance and tuning ratio, and compares(More)
Dense arrays of tapered-slot or finline transitions have proven useful in the design of compact spatial power combiners. In this paper, a design procedure is established for tapered finline arrays, providing a broad-band impedance match to a target load over the waveguide band. The procedure is based on an extension of the Klopfenstein optimal taper design(More)
Abstract — High power, broad bandwidth, high linearity and low noise are among the most important features in amplifier design. Broadband spatial power combining technique addresses all these issues by combining the output power of a large quantity of microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifiers in a broadband coaxial waveguide environment,(More)
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