Lee Wei Mar

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Code examples are important resources for expressing correct application programming interface (API) usages. However, many framework and library APIs fail in offering sufficient code examples in corresponding API documentations. This is because constructing proper code examples for documentation purpose takes significant developers' efforts. To reduce such(More)
API documentation and code example are two major resources to support API usage. To find the best way to use APIs within specific programming tasks, an effective strategy to link related APIs becomes critical. Currently, many code search engines have been proposed to solve this issue. Through those search results, programmers must manually traverse across(More)
The redistribution of class responsibilities is a common reengineering practice in object-oriented (OO) software evolution. During the redistribution, developers frequently construct batched refactoring plans for moving multiple methods and fields among various classes. With an objective of carefully maintaining the cohesion and coupling degree of the class(More)
Programming assignments are commonly used in computer science education to encourage students to practice target concepts and evaluate their learning status. Ensuring students are engaged in such assignments is critical in attracting and retaining students. To this end, WebHat, a service-based program evaluation platform, is introduced in this work to(More)
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