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The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between dimensions of reminiscence and ego integrity in elderly nursing-home residents. Although frequency of reminiscence was not significantly correlated with ego integrity, using reminiscence for the purpose of life review was positively correlated with high ego-integrity scores in this sample of(More)
In this article, a psychosocial model of dementia care is presented from a social constructionist perspective, contrasted to the medical model, and illustrated with data from a qualitative study. In findings reported in this article, family and professional caregivers described social and psychological approaches that portray elements of specialized(More)
A descriptive literature review was done to identify research conducted in both community and institutional settings and published from 1986 to 1993 on the correlates of behavioral symptoms associated with dementia. Critical appraisal and synthesis of the 40 studies revealed theoretical and methodological problems that tempered conclusions about the(More)
  • L B Taft
  • 1989
Agitation is a significant behavior problem for many elderly nursing-home residents with dementia. Lack of conceptual clarity constrains effective management of agitated behaviors. This conceptual analysis examines the meaning of agitation and attempts to disentangle its antecedents, critical attributes, and consequences. Measurement and management(More)
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