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In this paper, an advanced histogram-equalization algorithm for contrast enhancement is presented. Histogram equalization is the most popular algorithm for contrast enhancement due to its effectiveness and simplicity. It can be classified into two branches according to the transformation function used: global or local. Global histogram equalization is(More)
With rapid development of micro-processors, off-chip memory access becomes a system bottleneck. DRAM, a main memory in most computers, has concentrated only on capacity and bandwidth for decades to achieve high performance computing. However, DRAM access latency should also be considered to keep the development trend in multi-core era. Therefore, we propose(More)
A 5-Gb/s/pin transceiver for DDR memory interface is proposed with a crosstalk suppression scheme. The proposed transceiver implements a staggered memory bus topology and a glitch canceller to suppress crosstalk-induced distortions in a memory channel. The transceiver is implemented using 0.18 mum CMOS process and operates at 5-Gb/s. The results demonstrate(More)
Transmitting massive amounts of image and audio data acquired by Internet-ofEverything (IoE) devices to data center servers for intelligent recognition processes is impractical for energy reasons, requiring in-situ processing of such data. However, algorithms accelerated by previous recognition processors [1, 2] are limited to specific applications,(More)
This paper presents a mobile ray tracing processor (MRTP) with reconfigurable stream multi-processors (RSMPs) for high datapath utilization. The MRTP includes three RSMPs that operate in multiple instruction multiple data (MIMD) mode asynchronously to exploit instruction-level parallelism. Each RSMP is based on single instruction multiple thread (SIMT)(More)
This paper describes a modified A-buffer algorithm and its hardware architecture for single-pass full-screen antialiasing. For storage and management of fragments, a dynamic memory management scheme, which can be efficiently implemented by hardware is introduced. In the fragment resolving stage, a subpixel color-blending scheme that resolves subpixels(More)