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—In this paper, an advanced histogram-equalization algorithm for contrast enhancement is presented. Histogram equalization is the most popular algorithm for contrast enhancement due to its effectiveness and simplicity. It can be classified into two branches according to the transformation function used: global or local. Global histogram equalization is(More)
This paper reports a cutting-edge 65nm CMOS technology featuring high performance and low power CMOS devices for both general and low power applications. Utilizing plasma nitrided gate oxide, offset and slim spacers, advanced co-implants, Nisi and low temperature MOL process, well designed NMOSFET and PMOSFET achieved significant improvement from the(More)
A 5-Gb/s/pin transceiver for DDR memory interface is proposed with a crosstalk suppression scheme. The proposed transceiver implements a staggered memory bus topology and a glitch canceller to suppress crosstalk-induced distortions in a memory channel. The transceiver is implemented using 0.18 mum CMOS process and operates at 5-Gb/s. The results demonstrate(More)
Several previous works have changed DRAM bank structure to reduce memory access latency and have shown performance improvement. However, changes in the area-optimized DRAM bank can incur large area-overhead. To solve this problem, we propose Multiple Clone Row DRAM (MCR-DRAM), which uses existing DRAM bank structure without any modification. Our key idea(More)