Lee Stoner

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The regulation of junctional conductance (Gi) of the major cardiac (connexin43; Cx43) and liver (connexin32; Cx32) gap junction proteins by intracellular hydrogen ion concentration (pH; pHi), as well as well as that of a truncation mutant of Cx43 (M257) with 125 amino acids deleted from the COOH terminus, was characterized in pairs of Xenopus laevis oocytes(More)
Over the past decade there have been increasing calls to develop the capacity of United States students to think and act globally (Stearns, 2009). One method of encouraging the civic of global citizenship is through study abroad (Tarrant, 2010). However, the educational value and legitimacy of study abroad, in particular short-term programs, has been(More)
Potassium loss was measured from individual microelectrodes filled with 3 M KCl. The potassium content of a distilled-water droplet into which a microelectrode was inserted for a known time interval was analyzed by helium-glow photometry. The rate of potassium loss from single microelectrodes (18-97 M omega) was within the detectable limits of this method.(More)
Authors' contributions This work was carried out in collaboration between all authors. Authors LP, KRS, LS, DW, RP and MAT: (1) made substantial contributions to conception and design, (2) assisted in drafting the article and provided important intellectual content; and (3) gave final approval of the version to be published. All authors read and approved(More)
Currently it is unclear whether blood flow (BF) or muscle oxidative capacity best governs performance during intermittent contractions to failure. The aim of this study was to determine oxygenation kinetics and BF responses during intermittent (10 s contraction: 3 s release) contractions at 40% of MVC in rock climbers of different ability (N=38). Total(More)
We are able to evert and perfuse rat cortical collecting tubules (CCT) at 37 degrees C. Patch-clamp techniques were used to study high-conductance potassium channels (maxi K) on the apical membrane. Under control conditions (150 mM Na+ and 5 mM K+ in pipette and bathing solutions), the slope conductance averaged 109.8 +/- 6.6 pS (12 channels), and reversal(More)
Patch clamp methods were used to characterize the channels on the apical membrane of initial collecting ducts from Ambystoma tigrinum. Apical membranes were exposed by everting and perfusing fragments of the renal tubule in vitro. Tubules were dissected from two groups of animals; one maintained in tap water, and the other kept in a solution of 50 mM KCl(More)
Conventionally, the assessments of endothelial function and arterial stiffness require different sets of equipment, making the inclusion of both tests impractical for clinical and epidemiological studies. Pulse wave analysis (PWA) provides useful information regarding the mechanical properties of the arterial tree and can also be used to assess endothelial(More)
We have previously demonstrated that apical Na+ channels in A6 renal epithelial cells are associated with spectrin-based membrane cytoskeleton proteins and that the lateral mobility of these channels, as determined by fluorescence photobleach recovery (FPR) analysis, is severely restricted by this association (Smith et al., 1991. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA(More)
Objective. To identify modifiable cardio-metabolic and lifestyle risk factors among indigenous populations from Australia (Aboriginal Australians/Torres Strait Islanders), New Zealand (Māori), and the United States (American Indians and Alaska Natives) that contribute to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Methods. National health surveys were identified where(More)