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There has been renewed interest in using simulated evolution to address difficult optimization problems. These simulations can be divided into two groups: (1) those that model chromosomes and emphasize genetic operators; and (2) those that model individuals or populations and emphasize the adaptation and diversity of behavior. Recent claims have suggested(More)
Making the decision to use an outside vendor to meet your e-learning needs is never an easy task. But before you tie your project to a service provider, a careful analysis should be done. No two projects are alike, your needs will vary. Are you lacking expertise that an outside vendor could provide? Maybe you have the skills, but don't have the time to(More)
The experimental limitations inherent in use of air-breathing vertebrates for studies of decompression are chiefly due to the difficulty in estimating supersaturation levels associated with both symptoms of decompression sickness and bubble formation. The difficulty is because gas elimination begins upon reduction of pressure and therefore complicates any(More)
The production of systemic gas bubbles by isobaric counter-equilibration of helium against 5 atmospheres saturated nitrox (0.3 ATA O2 in both mixes) in awake goats was demonstrated. Sixteen animal exposures (8 dives, 2 animals per dive) to a sudden isobaric gas switch from saturation on N2 to He were conducted; 8 saturations occurred at 132 fsw and 8 at 198(More)
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