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Sedentary behaviour - i.e., low energy-expending waking behaviour while seated or lying down - is a health risk factor, even when controlling for physical activity. This review sought to describe the behaviour change strategies used within interventions that have sought to reduce sedentary behaviour in adults. Studies were identified through existing(More)
INTRODUCTION Although Seprafilm has been demonstrated to reduce adhesion formation, it is not known whether its usage would translate into a reduction in adhesive small-bowel obstruction. METHODS This was a prospective, randomized, multicenter, multinational, single-blind, controlled study. This report focuses on those patients who underwent intestinal(More)
BACKGROUND Prostaglandins have been used for induction of labour since the 1960s. Initial work focused on prostaglandin F2a as prostaglandin E2 was considered unsuitable for a number of reasons. With the development of alternative routes of administration, comparisons were made between various formulations of vaginal prostaglandins. OBJECTIVES To(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies have examined how levels of activity intensity fluctuate throughout later life in older adults and no study has identified correlates of sustained activity levels in this age group. The aim of the present analysis was to investigate stability of activity over a 10-year period and identify potential correlates of sustained activity(More)
BACKGROUND Transanal endoscopic microsurgery, a minimally invasive procedure for treatment of early-stage rectal cancer, carcinoid tumors, and adenomas, is shown to be a safe procedure with very low perioperative morbidity. OBJECTIVE We aimed to compare the outcomes of transanal endoscopic microsurgery at a large volume tertiary care center with the(More)
Perianal mucinous adenocarcinoma is a rare cancer constituting 3 to 11 per cent of all anal carcinomas. It may arise de novo or from a fistula or abscess cavity. We present two cases of this disease process. Case One is a 52-year-old man with a chronic history of perianal abscesses who presented to the emergency room with a large bowel obstruction. He(More)
The Vacuum-assisted Closure device decreases the time to wound healing, thus increasing the deposition of granulation tissue, and decreasing the use of wound care specialists. Perineal wounds present a special challenge. We present four cases of complex perineal wounds in which the Vacuum-assisted Closure device was used. In each case, wound care was(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of replacing time in specific activity categories for other categories (e.g. replacing sedentary time with light activity) on health and fitness are not well known. This study used isotemporal substitution to investigate the effects of substituting activity categories in an equal time exchange fashion on health and fitness in young(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to investigate whether mothers' perception of distance from home to green/open spaces is associated with their child's screen time. METHOD We used mother-reported data from sweep six (2010-2011) of the Growing Up in Scotland study (n=3586 children aged 5.9yrs) to examine associations between walking distance from home to(More)
For this retrospective study of endoscopic sinus surgery, charts of 22 patients from a medical center and 133 patients from a private practice (N = 155) were reviewed. Preoperative complaints, clinical findings, computed tomographic evidence of extent of sinus disease, surgical outcome, possible predictors of success, and complications were considered.(More)