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The communicative structures of journalism and public relations
This article seeks to analyze the communication structures of journalism and public relations, using the communication ethics of Jürgen Habermas. The intention is to use this analysis to draw
Framing Glenn Greenwald: hegemony and the NSA / GCHQ surveillance scandal in a news interview
This article investigates the methods of hegemonic framing of the NSA/GCHQ surveillance scandal in a television interview of the journalist Glenn Greenwald on the flagship BBC Television news
Colonization tendencies in the development of the world wide web
Pressures on the technological development of the web from the perspective of the Habermasian concepts of colonization and juridification can be seen to restrict the uses andDevelopment of the structures of the world wide web.
Structure and Forms of Use
A good deal of discourse relating to the 'democratic potential' of the Internet has tended to simplify the question of technology. Whilst it is true that the structure of the Internet may well
Class, nationalism and news: The BBC’s reporting of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution
This confernece paper is based on a large research project on the reporting of Venezuela on the BBC News web site. We looked at years of coverage - 304 articles - and analysed the coverage. We found
The UWE occupation
This profile looks at how students at the University of the West of England (UWE) undertook direct action in protest against the British government's cuts to educational funding in the higher
Framing the cuts: An analysis of the BBC’s discursive framing of the ConDem cuts agenda
This study analyses the discursive framing of the British government’s economic policies by BBC News Online. Specifically, it focuses on the coverage of the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review
Indymedia AND THE Law: Issues FOR Citizen Journalism
those engaged in “radical” or activist reporting, in an online context. It suggests that the conceptualization of the citizen journalist must consider the status of this type of journalism in
Crises, radical online journalism and the state
This chapter looks the role of online citizen journalism in a variety of contexts, regarding in particular the treatment of "radical" and "grassroutes" journalism during times of crisis and