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OBJECTIVE To determine whether increased bone loss and bone turnover during the first 6 months of therapy for prostate cancer with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH)-agonist therapy could be prevented by bisphosphonate therapy with risedronate 35 mg/week, as prostate cancer is commonly treated with LHRH agonists and this often leads to rapid bone(More)
Internationale Studien deuten auf erhöhte Prävalenzraten von Depressionen und fehlende Stressbewältigungsstrategien unter Medizinstudierenden hin. Unterscheiden sich Studienanfänger von Studierenden im klinischen Studienabschnitt diesbezüglich? Insgesamt 651 Medizinstudierende des 1. und 7. Fachsemesters an der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen wurden in(More)
Gold-capped, protein-modified polypyrrole (Ppy) nanowires were grown electrochemically using porous aluminum oxide as a template. The effects of the conditions of electrochemical synthesis on Ppy growth and protein (avidin or streptavidin) incorporation were studied. Streptavidin-modified nanowires grown at constant potential had better electrochemical(More)
The commission of an error triggers cognitive control processes dedicated to error correction and prevention. Post-error adjustments leading to response slowing following an error ("post-error slowing"; PES) might be driven by changes in excitability of the motor regions and the corticospinal tract (CST). The time-course of such excitability modulations of(More)
Recovery of the threatened staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) is posited to play a key role in Caribbean reef resilience. At four Caribbean locations (including one restored and three extant populations), we quantified characteristics of contemporary staghorn coral across increasing conspecific densities, and investigated a hypothesis of facilitation(More)
In 72 (46%) of 155 gilts discarded for genetic reasons after performance testing and housed under fattening conditions no heat could have been detected during the first 30 days. The gilts were assigned alternatingly to a control group and four different treatments of delayed puberty. The induction of puberty was carried out by injections of 1000 iu PMSG,(More)