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The molecules associated with the surface of adult Dirofilaria immitis were identified and characterized employing IODO-GEN-mediated surface labeling methods. D. immitis female and male parasites were found to have a limited number of surface-associated proteins (17.5, 16, and 14.5 kDa) and glycoproteins (49 and 20 kDa) which were readily extracted from(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the correlation between opacification and perfusion pressures during hysterosalpingography (HSG) and selective salpingography under the assumption that the latter may add to the diagnostic capabilities of the procedures. DESIGN Perfusion pressures were uniformly evaluated by standardizing injection volume per time interval of(More)
Tubal catheterization procedures have become standard of care as a primary treatment of proximal tubal occlusions. They successfully utilize a variety of catheter techniques, though all usually include a wire guide. This raises the question whether guide wire catheterizations alone can be used to treat proximal tubal occlusions. We therefore investigated(More)
This paper explores whether speculative activity can, in practice, generate the ARCHtype behavior found in financial time series. Specifically, G7 equity market indices are examined for evidence of a dynamic whereby speculative interest is self-sustaining – that is, markets can become “hot”. A straightforward model, taken from Faruqee and Redding [9],(More)
This is the third report in a series on the inflammatory mediators and modulators released in organ culture from skin lesions of various ages, which were produced in vivo in rabbits by the military vesicant, sulfur mustard (SM). It describes the electrophoretic protein fractions and trypsin-inhibitory capacities of the various culture fluids and the amounts(More)
The relationship between unemployment, real wages and government employment is examined to determine the nature of the transmission mechanism and the extent to which private employment is crowded-out by government employment. We find in Germany, Japan and the U.S. that there is full crowding-out (i.e. unemployment is not affected by changes in government(More)
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