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Acknowledgements The authors are grateful to the UNICEF International Child Development Centre and the Australian Research Grants Council for financial support. They would also like to thank V. J. Verma for his generosity in providing the estimates of European housing costs and poverty rates shown in Section 4 of the paper and and other seminar participants(More)
Nuclear DNA ploidy studies were performed by flow cytometry on extracted nuclei from 12 oncocytic tumours of the salivary gland, 65 oncocytic tumours of the kidney, and 37 oncocytic tumours of the thyroid gland from the pathology archives of the Mayo Clinic. In order to provide an interesting clinical spectrum, three different classes of well-differentiated(More)
Flow cytometric analysis of nuclear DNA ploidy pattern was performed on 91 samples of prostatic adenocarcinoma from patients with stage D1 disease (metastatic deposits in pelvic lymph nodes). All patients had undergone radical retropubic prostatectomy and bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy. Clinical follow-up ranged from 5 to 19 years. Nuclei were extracted(More)
Nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) ploidy studies of paraffin-embedded archival tumor specimen blocks were performed by flow cytometry on extracted nuclei from 101 surgically resected hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer. In 28 patients, the corresponding primary carcinoma of the metastases was also studied. Tumor clinicopathology and clinical course(More)
Nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) ploidy studies with paraffin-embedded archival tumor specimen blocks were performed by flow cytometry on extracted nuclei from 75 pheochromocytomas. Clinical details, specifically including histologic findings, biochemical studies, and ultimate fate, were investigated. Preparation of paraffin-embedded tissue specimens was(More)
Flow cytometry was performed on 51 typical specimens of renal oncocytoma. Nuclei were extracted from paraffin-embedded archival material and isolated nuclei were stained with propidium iodide. Of the 51 available tissue blocks 86 per cent were evaluable and 50 per cent of these samples showed a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) histogram that was approximately(More)
Distinguishing cellular follicular adenomas (FA) from minimally invasive follicular carcinomas (FC) continues to plague even experienced thyroid pathologists. DNA ploidy analysis has been promoted as a means of making this differentiation; however, the finding of DNA aneuploidy in FA has caused concern that they may demonstrate potential for malignant(More)
Previous studies find large cross-national differences in inequality amongst rich Western nations, due in large part to differences in the generosity of welfare state transfers. The United States is the least generous nation and the one having the most after-tax and transfer inequality. But these analyses are limited to the effects of cash and near-cash(More)