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Acknowledgements The authors are grateful to the UNICEF International Child Development Centre and the Australian Research Grants Council for financial support. They would also like to thank V. J. Verma for his generosity in providing the estimates of European housing costs and poverty rates shown in Section 4 of the paper and and other seminar participants(More)
This paper estimates the redistributive effects of welfare state expenditures on social and economic disparities in the economic well-being of citizens in ten nations. Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and other sources for cash and non-cash social welfare benefits (health and education benefits from third parties)(More)
middle-income children and poor versus rich children in rich countries. 2 The nations we choose include the four largest predominantly English-speaking countries, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. To provide a wider European context, we also include Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Germany, and Finland and Sweden from the(More)
without blame, for their help in assembling the evidence on cross-national patterns of inequality which underlie this paper. An earlier draft of this paper is available as Luxembourg Income Study Working Paper #157. Katherin Ross and Esther Gray provided excellent assistance in preparing the paper. I assume full responsibility for all remaining errors of(More)
The Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), a research center and microdata archive, was founded in 1983 by Timothy Smeeding, Lee Rainwater, Gaston Schaber and a team of multidisciplinary researchers in Europe. With support from the Luxembourg government, LIS and its staff became an independent non-profit institution in 2002. LIS is organized as a consortium of(More)
first observed that out-of-wedlock childbirth was on the rise. Some forty years later, after a period of denial, we have finally acknowledged it and are as a nation beginning to address it head-on. Moynihan has noted that this 1960s sighting was just the beginning of " the earthquake that shuddered through the American family " (Preston 1984, 451) and still(More)
Syllabus Despite forty years of economic growth and government efforts, poverty rates (especially for children and minorities) have stayed stubbornly high. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, in 2003, about 35.9 million Americans were poor, that is, they had incomes below the federally established poverty line, $14,680 for a family of three. This course(More)
Nuclear DNA ploidy studies were performed by flow cytometry on extracted nuclei from 12 oncocytic tumours of the salivary gland, 65 oncocytic tumours of the kidney, and 37 oncocytic tumours of the thyroid gland from the pathology archives of the Mayo Clinic. In order to provide an interesting clinical spectrum, three different classes of well-differentiated(More)
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