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This paper outlines a complete and self-consistent cell model theory of the electrokinetics of dense spherical colloidal suspensions for general electrolyte composition, frequency of applied field, zeta potential, and particle size. The standard electrokinetic equations, first introduced for any given particle configuration, are made tractable to(More)
Alveolar macrophages (AM) from bovine lungs were exposed in culture to manual metal are (MMA) welding fume particles, chromium (Cr), UICC chrysotile A or anatase for 17-20 hr. All the welding particle samples were more cytotoxic to AM than to anatase. Particles from the welding of mild steel with a rutile-coated electrode were less cytotoxic than those(More)
The influence of salt concentration on the terminal velocities of gravity-driven single bubbles sliding along an inclined glass wall has been investigated, in an effort to establish whether surface forces acting between the wall and the bubble influence the latter's mobility. A simple sliding bubble apparatus was employed to measure the terminal velocities(More)
Tropomyosin Mg-paracrystals have been studied by positive and negative staining with uranyl acetate and sodium phosphotungstate, either unfixed or fixed with glutaraldehyde. Fixation causes changes in some of the paracrystal bands. Some of the bands are more intense when a positively-charged staining ion is used than when a negatively-charged ion is used,(More)
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