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The capacity of the testis to metabolize xenobiotics has been proposed to play a role in the susceptibility of different species to testicular toxicity. Since species differences in testicular xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme activities are not well documented, the primary objective of the present study was to compare enzyme activities in subcellular(More)
The effect of lindane on 45Ca fluxes in synaptosomes was examined to determine whether modulation of calcium regulation can explain the lindane-induced enhancement in neurotransmitter release observed in other preparations. Lindane (0.03 - 4.6 microM) enhanced calcium uptake in non-depolarizing (low K+) medium: the effect was maximal at 0.1 microM lindane,(More)
PBBs were originally synthesized for use as a fire retardant in the manufacture of electronic parts, plastics, and other components. They have, unfortunately , made their way into the environment. A major direct contamination of the food chain occurred in Michigan in 1973 when PBBs were mistakenly substituted for a mineral supplement in the formulation of(More)
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