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The ability to support multiple communications channels per RF band is a fundamental process for many software defined radio platforms. These platforms typically employ a channelizer to extract channels from the received RF band for follow-on baseband processing, or to insert channels into the RF band for transmission. This paper will compare and contrast(More)
Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) technology offers the potential for a significant increase in capacity and performance within a given bandwidth and power budget. However, these benefits must be weighed against the cost of the multiple RF front ends and additional processing necessary in supporting MIMO systems. The creation of a cost effective MIMO(More)
echnology providers, including companies that create commercial off-the-shelf signal processing devices, are constantly trying to drive new features and innovative technologies into the marketplace. The underlying reason for this is fairly simple: these elements help to differentiate the technology provider’s products in the market and thus drive revenue.(More)
  • Lee Pucker
  • 2012 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking…
  • 2012
The advancement of cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access systems technologies is being driven by multiple different stakeholders including technology enthusiasts, research programs, industry consortia and regulatory bodies worldwide. These stakeholders are driving early standards developments; however their often disparate visions are leading to a(More)