Lee Priest

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BACKGROUND Bladder pain syndrome (BPS), a condition with no gold standard diagnosis, comprises of a cluster of signs and symptoms. Bladder filling pain and bladder wall tenderness are two basic clinical features, present in a high number of sufferers. This study will validate the performance of these simple tests for BPS in women with chronic pelvic pain(More)
AIM To identify radiological parameters that should be reported on gynaecological MRI in order to create a standardized assessment pro forma for reporting CPP, which may be used in clinical practice. METHODS Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) in females is a common problem presenting a major challenge to healthcare providers. The complex multifactorial aetiology(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The term idiopathic is often used to describe a disease with no identifiable cause. It may be a diagnosis of exclusion; however, what specific minimum investigations need to be performed to define idiopathic is not always clear. This commentary describes the problems inherent in reaching a definition for the term idiopathic. RECENT(More)
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