Lee Nuang Sim

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Understanding the foulant deposition mechanism during crossflow filtration is critical in developing indices to predict fouling propensity of feed water for reverse osmosis (RO). Factors affecting the performance on different fouling indices such as MFI-UF constant pressure, MFI-UF constant flux and newly proposed fouling index, CFS-MFI(UF) were(More)
One hundred and fifty-four patients who had a diagnostic laparoscopy for pelvic pain from 1 November 1984 to 30 October 1987 were reviewed. A total of 68 of these patients had normal pre-operative pelvic examinations; 40 (59%) had abnormal findings on diagnostic laparoscopy. Of the 86 patients with abnormal pre-operative pelvic examinations, 17 (20%) had(More)
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