Lee Montagna

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The neurofilament light subunit (NF-L) binds to myosin Va (Myo Va) in neurons but the sites of interaction and functional significance are not clear. We show by deletion analysis that motor domain of Myo Va binds to the NF-L rod domain that forms the NF backbone. Loss of NF-L and Myo Va binding from axons significantly reduces the axonal content of ER, and(More)
YopH is a protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) that is delivered into host mammalian cells via a type III secretion pathway in pathogenic Yersinia species. Although YopH is a highly active PTP, it preferentially targets a subset of tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins in host cells, including p130Cas. Previous in vitro studies have indicated that the(More)
YopH is a 468-amino acid protein-tyrosine phosphatase that is produced by pathogenic Yersinia species. YopH is translocated into host mammalian cells via a type III protein secretion system. Translocation of YopH into human epithelial cells results in dephosphorylation of p130(Cas) and paxillin, disruption of focal adhesions, and inhibition of(More)
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