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LOINC is emerging as the standard for laboratory result names, and there is great interest in mapping legacy terms from laboratory systems to it. However, the mapping task is non-trivial, requiring significant resource commitment and a good understanding of the LOINC identifying attributes for the laboratory result names. Because the number of results in a(More)
The Department of Defense (DoD) has used a common application, Composite Health Care System (CHCS), throughout all DoD facilities. However, the master files used to encode patient data in CHCS are not identical across DoD facilities. The encoded data is thus not interoperable from one DoD facility to another. To enable data interoperability in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the experience and attitudes of physicians in clinics, and to facilitate physicians' promotion of HPV vaccination. DATA SOURCES Primary data collected from conducting semi-structural in-depth interviews from May to June 2010 with 12 physicians in one district in Hong Kong to understand their experience of providing HPV vaccines, the(More)
SNOMED CT was created by the merger of SNOMED RT (Reference Terminology) and Read Codes Version 3 (also known as Clinical Terms Version 3). SNOMED CT is considered to be among the most extensive and comprehensive biomedical vocabularies available today. It is considered for use as the Reference Terminology of various institutions. We review the adequacy of(More)
To be broadly useful, biomedical terminologies need to capture the knowledge and expertise of multiple experts, research groups and end users. Consequently, the construction of such a terminology requires collaboration among multiple participants. This paper summarizes several terminology projects which employ a collaborative authoring mode in development,(More)
Several biomedical vocabularies are often used by clinical applications due to their different domain(s) of coverage, intended use, etc. Mapping them to a reference terminology is essential for inter-systems interoperability. Manual vocabulary mapping is labor-intensive and allows room for inconsistencies. It requires manual searching for synonyms,(More)
Medication history has always been an integral part of the patient's medical record. With the advent of the computerized medical record and the longitudinal clinical data repository, having the medication history has enabled the development of clinical decision support system that alerts for drug to drug interactions and drug allergies. Furthermore,(More)
OBJECTIVE Create an interoperable set of nursing flowsheet assessment measures within military treatment facility electronic health records using the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD). DESIGN The project comprised three phases: 1) discovery included an in-depth analysis of the Essentris data to be mapped in the HDD; 2) mapping encompassed the creation(More)
The 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD) group provides vocabulary mapping services for the Department of Defense (DoD). The process to manage changes in these mappings, the so-called "delta process," is complex and requires the exchange and management of large amounts of data. To aid in this process, the 3M HDD group has created and refined a vocabulary(More)