Lee Matthews

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Primates' communicative signals are often dynamic and composed of multiple components, sometimes belonging to different sensory modalities. Such multicomponent signals are of crucial importance in the study of communication: the addition of extra features to a signal has the potential to modulate or change the meaning and message of the specific signal.(More)
Early life exposures and metabolic programming are associated with later disease risk. In particular lipid metabolism is thought to play a key role in the development of the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in later life. Investigative studies of metabolic programming are limited by the ethics and practicalities of sample collection in small(More)
A New interference calculation method for the Stroop test was developed based upon a neuropsychological model of the suppression of word reading in favor of color naming. Polynomial regression equations show a significant relationship between word reading and the New interference score that closely fits the underlying prediction of the New model, while the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate lipidomic differences between breast- and formula-fed infants. STUDY DESIGN We utilized high-resolution mass-spectrometry methods to analyze 3.2 mm dried blood spot samples collected at ages 3 months (n = 241) and 12 months (n = 144) from a representative birth cohort study. Lipidomic profiles were compared between infants(More)
The Authors describe the application of Patient Flow Analysis (P.F.A.), an efficiency evaluation technique in a Gynaecologic Clinic in a large Provincial Hospital. This technique evaluates both patient flow and staff utilization in ambulatory settings. Staff efficiency (percentage of work time spent with patients) was low, (43% for clinicians and 36% for(More)
The literature contains numerous surveys about assessment training at the level of both doctoral programs and internships. There is minimal information about how such training is assessed by state and provincial regulatory bodies. In this article, we describe the process used by one state licensing board to assess a licensure candidate's transcript, conduct(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between early second trimester serum lipidomic variation and maternal glycemic traits at 28 weeks and to identify predictive lipid biomarkers for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Prospective study of 817 pregnant women (discovery cohort, n = 200; validation cohort, n = 617) who(More)
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