Lee M. Sherlock

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Using activity theory and genre theory as bases for analysis, this article examines the activity of grouping in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game <i>World of Warcraft</i>. The article first examines what grouping does in the overall context of the game, including its socialization and gameplay functions. Grouping involves a series of(More)
Historians have long used maternity records to understand the evolution of maternity services. More recently, epidemiologists have become interested in obstetric hospital records as a source of data (e.g. birth weight, social class), to study the influence of early life on future health and disease: life course epidemiology. Edinburgh and Aberdeen are(More)
A number of frameworks based on the idea of serious game genres or categories have been developed to understand the range of purposes and actions that serious games engage with. For instance, Bergeron (2006) presents a set of " primary categories " associated with serious games that includes " games with an agenda; news games; political games; realistic(More)
This article compares data about perceptions of alcohol use and misuse, including perceived patterns of use, extent of the problem, reasons for use, and causes and effects of alcohol misuse in the Chinese, Indo-Pakistani, and Latin American communities in British Columbia. The methodology employed is an adaptation of Neuber's Community Needs Assessment(More)
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