Lee H. Lee

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Long-term depression-inducing stimuli promote cleavage of the synaptic adhesion molecule NGL-3 through NMDA receptors, matrix metalloproteinases and presenilin/g-secretase. One contribution of 35 to a Discussion Meeting Issue 'Synaptic plasticity in health and disease'. Long-term depression (LTD) reduces the functional strength of excitatory synapses(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported that some marine cyanophage are temperate and can be induced from a lysogenic phase to a lytic phase by different agents such as heavy metals. However, to date no significant reports have focused on the temperate nature of freshwater cyanophage/cyanobacteria. Previous experiments with cyanophage AS-1 and cyanobacteria(More)
Tourism development in protected areas inevitably induces a decline in the ecological environment and species survival. However, the degree of impact depends on target species’ environmental quality tolerance and the number of tourists. Each fish can tolerate a specific level of water quality. Water quality should not deteriorate below this level as a(More)
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