Lee Greenberger

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Reports of multiple distinct mitoxantrone-resistant sublines without overexpression of P-glycoprotein or the multidrug-resistance associated protein have raised the possibility of the existence of another major transporter conferring drug resistance. In the present study, a cDNA library from mitoxantrone-resistant S1-M1-80 human colon carcinoma cells was(More)
Selection for in vitro drug resistance can result in a complex phenotype with more than one mechanism of resistance emerging concurrently or sequentially. We examined emerging mechanisms of drug resistance during selection with mitoxantrone in the human myeloma cell line 8226. A novel transport mechanism appeared early in the selection process that was(More)
A cDNA encoding the novel drug resistance gene, IMI' (originally only MDR1 gene amplification was observed in the S1B120 colon carci noma cell line. These data indicate that although both the MRP and LRP genes map to the short arm of chromosome 16, they are rarely coamplified and are not normally located within the same amplicon. A key role for chromosome(More)
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