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The dosimetric impact from devices external to the patient is a complex combination of increased skin dose, reduced tumor dose, and altered dose distribution. Although small monitor unit or dose corrections are routinely made for blocking trays, ion chamber correction factors, e.g., accounting for temperature and pressure, or tissue inhomogeneities, the(More)
Many modern radiotherapy centers now have image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IG-IMRT) tools available for clinical use, and the technique offers many options for patients requiring palliative radiotherapy. We describe a single-institution experience with IG-IMRT for short-course palliative radiotherapy, highlighting the unique situations in(More)
A review of 43 patients with cerebral metastases, an unknown primary, and no other sites of metastases is presented. 27/43 (62.7%) had solitary metastases and 37.2% (16/43) had multiple metastases. Surgical treatment involved complete resection in 30.2%, subtotal resection in 37.2% and biopsy alone or no surgical procedure in the remainder. 39/43 patients(More)
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