Lee Feigenbaum

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Statistical data is present everywhere—from governmental bodies to economics, from life-science to industry. With the rise of the Web of Data, the need for sharing, accessing, and using this data has entered a new stage. In order to enable proprietary, closed-world formats, to enter the Web of Data, we propose a framework for modelling and publishing(More)
This article presents the design goals and features of the open-source Boca RDF server in the context of a community of cancer-tumor modeling investigators. Boca supplements the desirable data features of the Semantic Web with important enterprise and application features to power a new generation of Semantic-Web-based applications. The data features enable(More)
More and more WSNs of diverse capabilities are being deployed so as to get data about the physical or environmental conditions they monitor. Even though a large amount of data is produced by these sensor networks, it is generally heterogeneous and un-semantic in nature thereby hindering collaboration between different WSNs. In this paper, we capitalize on(More)
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