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Ten autistic children were compared with 10 non-autistic children matched for chronological age and performance IQ on two tests of finding the odd face out of a set of photographs of faces, two tests of labelling photographs of faces, and a test of labelling photographs of common objects. The autistic children were significantly worse than the non-autistic(More)
AIMS Ketamine, a non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist, produces acute impairments of working, episodic and semantic memory along with psychotogenic and dissociative effects when a single dose is given to healthy volunteers. In recreational users, Curran & Morgan (2000) showed that ketamine produced the same acute effects but that 3 days after ingestion,(More)
BACKGROUND Ketamine, psychostimulants and cannabis have all been associated with psychotic phenomena but no study has directly compared users of these drugs. AIMS The aim of this study was to assess schizophrenia proneness and neurocognitive function in individuals dependent upon ketamine, cannabis and cocaine. METHOD 130 volunteers - 29 'skunk' users,(More)
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