Lee Courtney

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The development of learned aversions to the available diet has been shown to contribute to the anorexia and weight loss which accompany the growth of certain tumors, including the Leydig LTW(m) tumor. Estradiol infusions were found to closely mimic the effects on food intake and food preference seen after Leydig LTW(m) tumor implants. That is, reductions in(More)
The external temperature of the cartridge cases of 9 mm parabellum ammunition during the firing sequence was measured by a series of methods. Using a thermal imaging camera was the most successful method and showed that aluminium alloy cases reached higher temperatures than did brass cases. Peak temperatures for brass cases were 336 K at the case mouth(More)
Salt (NaCl) preference of 5-20-day-old rats was examined using a method which elicits independent ingestive responses. Rats were placed in a warm, moist incubator on toweling which was saturated with water or test solutions. Active mouthing responses were seen which were directed toward the towel soaked with solution and weight gain in a 25-min test was(More)
Membranes of dead fetuses showed a three-fold increase in permeability to the haemoglobin molecule when compared with normal and stored membranes. The friability of some of these membranes was markedly increased and their strength and elasticity diminished. These findings may be significant in the aetiology of the hypofibrinogenaemia and the increased(More)