Lee Couch

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In a crossover experiment the authors investigated the effects of repeated weekly, 2-day, haloperidol drug holidays on serum haloperidol concentrations, mental status, and neuroleptic-induced movement disorders in seven chronic schizophrenic patients. Haloperidol concentrations decreased about 64% during the initial 36 hours of drug holiday and subsequently(More)
Chronic hospitalized schizophrenic patients receiving haloperidol were placed on drug holidays for 2 days. Serum haloperidol levels in these patients decreased to about 60% of the levels seen just prior to the usual morning dosing during the drug holiday. Control subjects not given a drug holiday showed stable day-to-day serum haloperidol levels. The small(More)
Please see both the attached note from Kevin Kazacos and a revised version of his ms. Thank you very much for your many positive comments about my recently published USGS Circular on Baylisascaris larva migrans. They were deeply appreciated, and it was great to hear from you and catch up with many friends in ASP. But alas, there were a couple of problems(More)
Serum haloperidol and serum dopamine blocking activity were measured, and steady state levels were compared in 22 chronic male schizophrenic patients. Haloperidol levels were measured by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), and dopamine blocking activity was measured by a radioreceptor assay (NRRA). Clinical status was determined by the Brief(More)
Plasma phencyclidine levels were determined in pigeons trained to discriminate 1.5 mg/kg phencyclidine from saline under a second-order schedule using a color-tracking procedure. With both cumulative and non-cumulative dosing procedures, pigeons reliably discriminated plasma phencyclidine levels above 200 ng/ml. When the time course of phencyclidine(More)
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