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EXCHECK is a computer-assisted instruction (CAl) system designed and implemented at the Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences (IMSSS) at Stanford University.' It is a general-purpose instructional system for the generation and presentation of complete university-level curriculums and is currently used at Stanford University to teach(More)
This paper describes the theoretical framework and an implemented system (Dtre) for the speciication and veriied reenement of speciications using operations on abstract data types. The system is semi-automatic in that users can specify some (possibly none) of the implementations and the system will determine the rest of the implementations. Data types are(More)
Planware is a domain-specific generator of high-performance scheduling software, currently being developed at Kestrel Institute. Architecturally, Planware is an extension of the Specware system with domain-independent and domain-dependent parts. The domain-independent part includes a general algorithm design facility (including mechanisms to synthesize(More)
Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) offers many opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. One advantage of doing AI research within the CAI paradigm is that the curriculum provides a ready framework for the evaluation of any AI model that we might propose. In this paper we describe the models of informal mathematical(More)
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