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Destruxin A, a cyclohexadepsipeptide related to the enniatins and beauvericin, exhibits ionophoric properties. Calcium ion mobilization across liposomal membrane barriers, for example, has been demonstrated using the calcium ion-sensitive dyes Arsenazo III and Fura-2. Initial molecular mechanics/molecular dynamics calculations indicate the potential for(More)
A novel molecular dynamics (MD) analysis algorithm, DASH, is introduced in this paper. DASH has been developed to utilize the sequential nature of MD simulation data. By adjusting a set of parameters, the sensitivity of DASH can be controlled, allowing molecular motions of varying magnitudes to be detected or ignored as desired, with no knowledge of the(More)
Arginine-vasopressin was subjected to a long (11 μs) molecular dynamics simulation in aqueous solution. Analysis of the results by DASH and principal components analyses revealed four main ring conformations that move essentially independently of the faster-moving tail region. Two of these conformations (labeled "saddle") feature well-defined β-turns in the(More)
Arginine vasopressin (AVP) has been suggested by molecular-dynamics (MD) simulations to exist as a mixture of conformations in solution. The (1)H and (13)C NMR chemical shifts of AVP in solution have been calculated for this conformational ensemble of ring conformations (identified from a 23 μs molecular-dynamics simulation). The relative free energies of(More)
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The genetic control, mechanism of action and inhibition of aromatase for potential therapeutic benefits in the arena of hormone dependent illness continues to be of considerable interest. The work presented here concentrates on recent advances in the mechanistic aspects of the aromatase enzyme and the nature of the chemical entities that lead to its(More)
A 4.1 μs molecular dynamics simulation of the NR4A1 (hNur77) apo-protein has been undertaken and a previously undetected druggable pocket has become apparent that is located remotely from the 'traditional' nuclear receptor ligand-binding site. A NR4A1/bis-indole ligand complex at this novel site has been found to be stable over 1 μs of simulation and to(More)